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How It Works

It really is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

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You'll Get

2 Videos:


A Professionally Edited

Video File

A Separate Animated Logo Video File -  FREE!


How to Make a Professional Video in 7 Steps

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Footage &




Deliver a



What You'll Get

You will get 2 videos and a free book including the following:

A Completed / Edited Video

A Separate, 2nd File with an Animated Logo for Your Own Future Use - FREE!

A FREE BOOK - How to Make a Professional Video in 7 Steps

Touched Up Video

Cleaner Sound

Background Music

Animated Logo

Stock Images / Video Added to the Video

All within 48 Business Hours

Need a Script?

We can write one for you if need be, for an extra fee...OR...

You can use our Script Template by clicking HERE.

Our simple formula of describing WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, HOW you can help people, and a CALL TO ACTION or WAY TO CONTACT YOU - will help you put together something simple and quick!

Tips for Filming Yourself

Your video should tell people who you are and what you do!  That's it - don't overthink it.

Simply put together a short script, or some talking points that will allow you to clearly explain those two simple points in 30 to 60 seconds (you don't want it to be too long - because no one will watch).  With all of that in mind - here are some simple tips to get your going:

1. Find a nice, quiet place to film, and use a microphone if you have one and know how to use it.

2. Use a tripod or something to stabilize the phone / camera.

3. Try to have an interesting background - but not a crazy one!

4. Practice your presentation a few times to get comfortable.

5. Make sure there is good lighting in the area you're filming.

6. If you're using a phone to film - turn it sideways to get a more cinematic image.

7. Find your best angle - in other words make the camera eye level, or slightly above your eyeline. Don't film with the camera pointing up at you - viewers don't wanna look up your nose!

8. Press record and then get settled before starting to talk, and when you finish talking just hold still (with a smile) for a few seconds before stopping the recording.  This will give us extra room to edit on both ends.

9. Watch your recording back, and make sure it's what you want!

Just want a video made with stock images and video and no filming?

We can do that too!

Simply submit your script for a voice over and a company logo - and we'll get it done.

Just be sure to let us know in the form below that that is all you need!

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