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Script template

These videos - unless you have something else in mind - should really be a Video Business Card.

And what does a Business Card usually contain? Every conceivable way for someone to get in touch with you - along with your logo and design that gives them a basic idea of who you are, and what you do.

With that in mind - that's what your video should be (if you're creating a simple Promotional or Marketing video).

The script then should contain these elements:

A HOOK - exactly what it sounds like - get them interested

WHO you are

WHAT you do

WHY you do it

HOW you can help

A CALL TO ACTION providing a way to contact you and potentially an offer

The PDF that you can download from this page is basically those elements in a templated / outline form - so you can fill in the blanks, and add some meat to the bones.

Hopefully, it'll help you get started if a script is an obstacle for you, and if not - just reach out to us...For a small fee, we can take some time to get information from you and write a script for you!

Thanks - now get to writing!

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